This tripod turnstile is bi-directional and it can be manually or electrically controlled via and access control system. The turnstile is suitable for the movement of large volumes of people.

  • Elegant, smooth stainless steel or powder coated MS, with or without frame.
  • Complete security, opens only on receiving an electrical impulse.
  • On rotation of 60 degrees it will no longer be possible to return to the initial position and the rotation must be complete. So, on permission, only one person can enter at a time and that person can only move forward and not backwards.
  • Versatile, function can be bidirectional or unidirectional as to the requirement of the customer and can be easily selected from the console or electronic card.
  • Easy to use manual override mechanism or arm breaking facility in case of power failure.
  • Long lasting due to the great resistance of stainless steel that gives the product strength against wear and tear.